Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Larmer Tree Festival 2011

lovely ladies hooping in the sunshine

Check out our snaps from the lovely Larmer Tree Festival! We hoop partied it right up from Thursday through til Sunday come rain or shine...

We met some pretty interesting characters along the way... meet Norman! We got to watch his shows and he took part in ours too! And he was a rather good hooper too to our surprise and delight :)

care for a hoop?

The sun stayed out all Thursday and Friday. Every hoop party we did was packed full from start to finish! We sold out of our hand taped hoops by Friday- but of course! The best hoops are the hand taped ones - and you need a grown up size hoop if you are grown up sized!!! And it is amazing exercise... according to some, it's the best you can get :)

hoops for all!

sunshiney hoop party joy
rare sighting of 3 men and their hoops!!!

On Saturday it rained in the morning - boo! So we saved it all up for our afternoon party when the sun was out once more - to sail the seven seas and steal all the treasure, argh me hearties!! Wanda became our pirate ship and we hooped the fields, and shivered timbers all over the place... 

jim lad in the hoop

Wanda be our pirate ship, arrrgh me hearty!

crazy people attacked us with a megaphone and then ran away

in the kids field on Sunday
On Sunday we ran our last hoop party in the kids field which was super lovely :) lots of new faces to hoop with! The funniest part was definitely when a random procession protest meandered through! Protesting the lack of real oranges in orange juice amongst other things...

childrens hoop off!
watch out for the incoming procession!

here be pirates
See you at our next hoop party fellow hoopian pirates!
Love cat & pig :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Priddy Folk Fayre

hooping accordion

All the fun of Priddy Folk Fayre! The weather held out and we had a lovely few days. We held a hoop party in the market square and another one in the children's tent on both the Saturday and Sunday- the parties were great successes with lots of fun!

One of the most entertaining things that happened was the morris men just couldn't get enough of the hoops! It was accordions and violins meets hula hoop :) it worked surprisingly well... check out the pics!

children's tent
we will hoop and play all at once! 

 We ran a workshop in the children's tent and showed everyone how to do lifts, jump throughs and all sorts of off body hooping - with varying levels of success! It can be pretty difficult waving large hoops around in an enclosed space but everyone did really well :)
hoop off...

hoop party!

learning to do a lift

learning figures of 8

learning isolations

circus tricks out to play!

mum teaches the hoop

hoop joy!

Friday, 1 July 2011

VIDEO - PixieHoopSound Hula Hoop Party Workshop @ GLADE 2011

Glade 2011

cat in a hoop
Well well Glade Festival! You were an absolute stunner for PixieHoopSound & Wanda the Wonder Cart. We had a ton of fun ... and so did everyone around us! We literally couldn't move for festivalites clamouring for hooping joy...

It was our first public festie this year and it was the first outing for Wanda with her brand new set of wheels and super colourful paint job :) we even made her some colourful mini bunting :) Just in case you didn't know, Wanda the Wondercart is entirely made from reclaimed and recycled materials, isn't that just eco and lovely lush?

Wanda with her new colours and fantastic new wheels

We started chilled out on the Friday, a good bit of hoop performance to Ott and Atomic Drop on the Origin Stage, then we got the cart out.... we stayed by Origin for a good few hours whilst the psytrance rolled around us and the hooping was high! We popped over to the Glade Stage with the cart later to check out the vibes but then the rain came and stole our fun! It's just no fun hooping in the drizzle no matter what your shizzle... so we shimmyed on back to the homestead (our fattie van :) and waited it out til Saturday....

And weren't we glad we did! Saturday was a festival of gorgeous sunshine and booming basslines.... we had it fat by Origin for a few hours and then even fatter by the Glade Stage - the hoop party hooped on and on and on..... it was a great sight to see, Glade, you hooped it hard! We loved it!

And then, just when we thought it couldn't get any better... the Engine Earz Experiment came on and we all died and went hoop heaven. For those not in the know, hooping to dubstep - especially when it is the best dubstep you've ever heard with live drums, incredible vocals, live effects and a breaks revolution edge... Holy Mackerel! Its amazing! Ask Sharna! We lost a hoop, we think it went in the Glade stage... but every time we tried to retrieve it the music just flattened all our sense of responsibility for our property and we just stomped it out! It was worth losing a hoop to! So anyone out there who is now the proud owner of an orange and yellow mini hoop, treat our baby well!

a happy hoop customer

We were also well chuffed to bump into the winner of Hoop Idol, Nick Broyd, who let us have a go on his lovely polypro hoop.... for anyone who doesn't know, the guy hoops like a male Sharna Rose :) good skills Nick!

Sunday it rained and it poured! We didn'ta hve an inside area to hoop in so we couldn't do the party. We were *gutted*..... but Saturday more than made up for it :))

the brightest hooper all weekend?!

pig in a hoop

she was *awesome*

he asked for it...

having it to engine earz

happy hoop customer! (pink and teal oh yeh~!)

boyz in the hoop

the wheels on the pig go round and round....

"roll up, roll up!"

zen hoop

please, sir, can we have a hoop?!

just add crazy sunglasses 

Glade 2012? Watch this space!